Kingdom of God: Great Christmas Gift On Sale Now!

I just made a couple of very minor updates to my first book via Blurb. The Kingdom of God is a follow-up to the photography exhibit I installed at Calvary this summer.

Several people have told me how much they love the books. Others have said that they want to order them as Christmas gifts. Well, here is your chance.

Order now so that you can receive 25% off before the promotion ends this Thursday, November 18th at midnight. Don’t forget! Use the following promo codes:

* USD $ coupon code: SPECIAL
* GBP £ coupon code: SPECIAL1
* EUR € coupon code: SPECIAL2
* CAD $ coupon code: SPECIAL3
* AUD $ coupon code: SPECIAL4

I threw in the codes for any fans outside the US! Enjoy.

And if you can’t wait until the book arrives, the entire content is available for view online. And it is super easy to read on an iPad, in case any show up under the tree this year.

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