JOY – My New #oneword


Well, hello there. It’s been quite a while. My third spring deadline has passed after celebrating my birthday yesterday. After weeks of contemplating and spring cleaning, I’m skipping ahead of Easter and moving on with life.  

Last year at this time, I read the book One Word about selecting a word to guide you through the year. I had no idea what to select, until peace popped in my head. I wasn’t excited because I knew that meant I needed peace. But I must say that I found it this past year and felt ready to move on to my next word a couple of weeks ago. I chose Joy. 

I am really excited about exploring Joy and sharing those experiences. Fingers crossed I’ll blog more frequently. That’s a goal of mine this year. And this updated app feels like it maybe easier. 

The Artisan Soul, a book I read this fall,  implored that as a creative, we do not need more ideas or creativity, but strength and courage to do the hard work we are called to do. And joy provides us with strength. So it’s critical for each of us to take part in small moments of pure joy. And it’s actually quite hard to do. But I’m up for the challenge. 

Please join me. 

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