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Last Friday night, Meredith and I ventured out to the Washington Craft Show. Neither of us had been before and we didn’t really know what we were stepping into. Since we had less than an hour before closing, we quickly breezed through the booths to see a few favorites. It became pretty clear to us that we were not going to be able to pick up a cute $30 craft trinket for Meredith’s mom. These crafts were all works of fine art. A couple really jumped out at me.

My fascination all began with the little nose of one Carolyn Morris Bach’s bears. Each creation resembles its own little unique world with a story set in her unique designs. I instantly fell in love. Small birds are perched atop tiny rustic structures. Small images of branches hang gently beneath the feet of unique creatures. I love love love her work. It is fabulous. I imagine if I listen closely enough, a timeless story will be whispered to me from their tiny mouths. Be sure to check out her magical work in one of the many galleries listed on Carolyn’s web site.

I love how this bird has a small face pendant worn around her neck as her own jewelry.

Another favorite were these incredibly playful Acme Hats by Lauri Chambers. You have to stop and try on several of these felt creations. With the chill of winter finally upon us, we were tempted to buy one of these amazing works of art to wear around town. If you are freezing to death, you might as well look good while your doing it.

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