It’s Not Easy Being Green

It's Not Easy Being Green

Yesterday was a busy day. Lucy wore her little green dress. She ate avocados for lunch and I kept thinking she looked green. Morgan assured me that she didn’t look green. But the last time she looked green, my entire family ended up losing about ten pounds from the stomach flu. In this case, I think that maybe green is not her color.

After a super short nap in the car back from Rockville, we headed out. I tried to take her to the Spark Lab at the American History Museum. It closes at 4, so we missed it AGAIN. We have never made it to the Spark Lab while it was open. But I have heard a lot about the space, so I’m determined to go this week. Even if I have to wake her from today’s nap by being loud.

We played in the other kid’s space, but she just sort of stood there while tons of other kids ran around here. When spaces are too crowded, she becomes a people watcher. I can’t blame her. I am not a huge fan of massive crowds either.

After a few minutes, I enticed Lucy out of the exhibit space to look for Kermit. We found him, which thrilled her to no end. But there were so many people and so many photo ops that we couldn’t really visit our old friend. She was not happy about that. But I didn’t think we should just stand there when we can visit Kermit almost any day of the week. Unlike the people forming a line beside the case. So I snapped this picture from a distance.

This visit did mark the first time we really explored the exhibits together. We went into a couple of less visited ones and actually talked about all of the mamas and the daddies and babies. She spotted a man with a beard and a small house or two. She actually stayed with me as I let her explore the museum outside of her stroller. So we have entered into a new phase where we can walk together. That is a huge relief. Maybe it’s time to head to the Hirshhorn.

With this new confidence, we headed to Tai Chi today for the first time in over a year. I gave up my regular practice probably around my sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. I can’t discern how distracting she was to the other people. Hmmm… She did very well sitting in a chair playing with the little magnets from the board. I imagine she liked the traditional music and the dancing. She tried a few moves of her own.

I asked a teenager if she wanted to play with her about ten minutes before the end of class. That maybe wasn’t the best idea. But we will see what Thursday’s class brings.

Mr. Pei wasn’t in today’s class. His leg has been bothering him. He has a hard time walking so far in the heat. Prior to class, I was mainly worried she would trip him. But I think that he would like her moves and that Lucy actually pronounces Tai Chi correctly: “tai ji.”

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