It’s All Downhill from Here: 31 Weeks

That means I am officially in single digits on the weeks. Meredith told me that she was jealous. However I am petrified. But ready. No, no birth plan yet. And I haven’t taken a single birthing class nor read a birthing book. But if the baby comes tomorrow, we could probably swing it. I have a crib, a couple of bottles, and the car seat. And let’s be honest – the doctors will get this baby out regardless of how much reading and prep work I do. And I heard this advice early on in my pregnancy: “Mother Nature doesn’t care if you live or die.” So I have been trying to exercise regularly and just decided that I want this baby out the least destructive way possible – to my body and hers.

People have commented that I am pretty small. (I hope this will not jinx me in a future pregnancy.) Well, that observation is officially true. I went to the doctor on Tuesday. She measured my belly with a paper tape measure. At the previous appointment, I was right on track. The perfect number of inches for my weeks. But this time, I was three inches shy. I should be 30.5 inches. Instead I am 27.5. Lauren said that this diagnostic test sounds a little like rubbing your head for bumps to determine your personality.

But I couldn’t help but wonder the following: Could all of those exercises really be working and pulling this baby in tight against my body? Let’s hope so. I like to think that I have a lot of extra space in my body, since I was always larger than most of my classmates beginning in elementary school. Finally, it worked out in my benefit. On the flip side, maybe I need to take my fluid intake a lot more seriously. But it is hard to keep up with your water with the busy weekend I just survived. Or maybe all of that sweetened tea in NC worked against me. OR she could just be a little thing, a lot like her daddy, who was/and still is known as “Charro” or “little one” in Spanish. He weighed a measly six pounds when he entered the world.

I am hoping for the latter. But I will find out on Monday when I go in for a sonogram just to make sure. The good news is that if she is small, she will have lots of clothes to wear for a very long time. Maybe the warm weather will outlast her growth spurts. I had my shower this weekend. I received 39 outfits for 3-6 months! Wow! I am ready. Let’s just hope she isn’t a chunk like I was.

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  1. EliseBlaha

    Caroline! Congratulations. I just can’t wait to meet her.

  2. Caroline Armijo

    Thanks, Elise! I am sure she will love meeting you, too!

    Congrats on finishing your PR work. We should get together sometime.

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