It’s a Birthday!

It's a Birthday!

In addition to Easter, we have had lots of birthday celebrations this weekend making “birthday” Lucy’s favorite new word. Last night we went to Tutt’s 90th birthday party before heading out to Henry’s family birthday dinner at Mozelle’s. There were so many people, balloons and cake at Tutt’s party that Lucy must have said birthday a thousand times before arriving to dinner. Then today Rick made Henry his famous pound cake at Henry’s request. Donna added a candle for each year and, boy, things got hot! Later tonight Lucy saw an image of a flame and said birthday again followed by hot. I had picked up this sprinkler for our roof deck and Lucy thought the little worms looked like candles. So she insisted on sitting in her high chair to play with the birthday cake. She enjoyed blowing out the candles and sharing the cake with her baby. Happy Birthday, Henry! We love you!

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