Is this why she’s not sleeping?

Is this why she's not sleeping?

Is this why she's not sleeping?

Is this why she's not sleeping?

Today I left Lucy in her crib for some quiet time and with luck a nap. I could hear her fussing. I came around the corner and found her standing in the crib for the first time.

We are deep in Wonder Week 37. Plus there is a definite gum covered mound on her bottom gumline I hope that all of these changes will pass soon, because it is pretty brutal. I’m feeling pretty desparate. So I included this third picture to prove that I DO listen to my mother. I gave Lucy a bottle. She mainly chewed the nipple. It took her an hour before she laid back and drank the bottle in her boucy seat.

I’m not sure when Lucy’s teeth will break though, but I noticed her checking out my lower chompers yesterday. She put her fingers on them and gave them an inquisitive look.

As far as the Wonder Weeks, the theory is that they are trying to learn new skills. Their sleep is more likely to be disrupted until they figure it out. Daytime have been a lot happier since Lucy spends a considerable amount of time standing and ready to cruise. Last night I tried getting her back to sleep on the couch, yet she kept trying to sit straight up. I guess that is on her current to do list, as well.

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