Inspiration: GLEAN creative reuse


Last week, I discovered GLEAN creative reuse on Etsy, while searching for Scrabble tiles. I needed them to finish up a project I had put off all summer. But I have been all about crossing everything off my list before diving head first into fall.

I received my package from GLEAN yesterday and I was able to refrain myself before ripping into all of the wrapped goodies. I loved that the reused materials were even wrapped in reused materials. If you look closely, you will recognize that the ribbon is a VHS tape and wrapping a pattern. That was an added bonus, in addition to the flash card and old photo of mother and child.


How did she know that our studio employs a mother and tot, too?


In addition to the Scrabble tiles, I couldn’t resist picking up a pack of vocabulary flash cards and a pack of scraps from children’s book. Next item on my list – the Around the World in 20 Pages – the Map Ephemera Pack.

I pulled out a picture of a dog for Lucy to enjoy. Maybe this was a bad idea, because she has started tearing pages out of books for the first time this week. I am not pleased. I don’t think that she is disassembling her books in the name of art.


Here is my little helper handing me the pack of Scrabble tiles. We packed them up and headed to the studio for the finishing touch. Dad met us for a little dinner at the studio – pizza from Ella’s. He read with her while I glued the tiles onto the canvas. Thanks, Henry! With one final touch tomorrow, it will be complete. And I will be sure to share it soon.

As a special treat for Lucy, we watched the following video by Jenni Rope, which we found on the GLEAN creative reuse blog.

Jenni Rope: Kiipeilypuu / The Climbing Tree from Jenni Rope on Vimeo.

I told Emily that I shared her love for creative reuse centers and that I had served on The Scrap Exchange board for many years. Then I received The Scrap Exchange email newsletter informing me that there will be ReuseConex, The First National Reuse Conference & Expo October 18th-20th in Raleigh, NC. I must mark my calendar. How exciting!

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