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Lucy and I talking with Ceci at 87 Florida as captured by Bill O'Leary in today's Washington Post

This weekend, we toured the Bloomingdale neighborhood to enjoy the 1st on First art walk. As part of the walk, we stopped in to see Ceci and her latest exhibit at 87 Florida. In the photo above, we are planning a day trip to Annapolis later this week.

I received an email from Stuart this morning saying that he enjoyed seeing our picture in the Post. When we didn’t show up in the Sunday edition, we stopped looking. Instead of it falling into the arts scene, the picture accompanied a story on Harry Thomas Jr.’s race for Council representing Ward 5.

Saturday at 87 Florida

We met Thomas earlier in the neighboring park, which featured a balloon artist and cardboard boxes to color. However we do not live in Ward 5, so our interaction was brief.

Saturday at 87 Florida

The photographer, Bill O’Leary, asked for Lucy’s name. I had hoped that he captured her soaking in the great live jazz. She walked over and sat down to watch all on her own. I was so impressed. I’m sure that his shot was much better than mine with my iPhone. Plus I loved the Andrew Christenberry piece on the wall above the trumpet player’s head.

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  1. No event at 87 is a party without Caroline and Lucy and Henry. We can’t wait to show C’s work at our sculptural book table in November at Pyramid Atlantic’s Book Fair in Silver Spring 🙂

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