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This weekend we hosted our first house guests – Alex and Lauren. Alex came to bring us some furniture from home and take a few items back home. Lauren was visiting while working on another story for the Washington Post Magazine.

On Saturday afternoon, Henry received a text message from a co-worker saying that he had heard the story about Rwanda on the radio. So we gathered around the laptop to listen to Henry’s On the Media debut. It felt like an updated version of the families listening to FDR, except this is a web clip on NPR. It was great to hear a little more about his trip to Africa. I hope that you will enjoy learning a little more about why he went to Rwanda and what he did while he was there.

Then the next morning as we packed up Alex and Lauren’s respective cars, Lauren noticed the Washington Post on the floor in the lobby. She picked it up to confirm that her story about Branson was featured in the issue. Enjoy the article and follow-up with Monday’s online chat session with readers.

Big Time in Tune Town by Lauren Wilcox
Discussion with Lauren

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  1. Jess Lynd

    whoa – henry’s a rock star too!

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