In Process: For Feast

Tomorrow, Amy and I are on the road again. We are headed to Richmond this time for Feast – Festival of Word, Table and Image. I am the featured liturgical artist. Wow! What an honor. I hope that my piece lives up to everyone’s expectations.

Even though I knew about this for a few months, well, several months, I really spent the last two weeks working on the project. And the bulk of the work was completed in the last week. At first, I came up with two different ideas while talking to Amy last week. But as time progressed, they seemed to meld into one, becoming more and more simplified each day.

I haven’t seen the final final piece set up, meaning, I folded it all up once I added the text without setting it up again. But I like to leave a tad bit of my work up to chance, in the great tradition of Marcel Duchamp, the grandfather of the Avant Garde, who is currently on display at the National Portrait Gallery.

Plus, as I created the embroidery on the front cover, I feel in love with the way it turned out, which was completely unintentional. But it seemed to convey the whole feeling of being in process of preparing a new chapter in my life. And yes, while this is a liturgical piece, expressing my feelings of how we are welcomed to God’s table, it is also about welcoming a new person into my life, as well. So I am pretty excited that for the first time, I have melded my liturgical work with my personal work, which is typically about my family and tradition. We will see how it conveys tomorrow.

Check out the slide show of photos as I tried to figure out if this was working… I will post more photos of the final piece once we return.

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