In Process: Copenhagen

In Process: Copenhagen by carolinearmijo

If you are wondering what I will be up to this next week, I’ll be making forty little wearable books. It took me a lot longer than I hoped to figure out how I wanted to package the word Peace to represent Copenhagen in my Souvenir Series.

One sketch in my journal includes moss, because I always feel peace when I visit Friendship. But I do not have a green thumb. Maybe just a pale green thumb.

At some point I realized that hymns are a source of peace, even for people who do not regularly attend church. Usually each person can identify a song that has provided peace at some point in their lives. So that was an easy source material in my medium.

I folded and folded and folded only to find that none of my ideas were working. Finally one seemed to work – a wearable bracelet. I’m hoping that forty of them on display together will have a nice impact. Here is the first couple of steps complete.

I only have two and a half more months to complete this series. Granted it is a self-imposed deadline. But I decided to go ahead and pick my last three cities. That way I could read my journals and allow all three to percolate at once. So the cities are Stockholm, Paris and Oxford. All three are magical. I can’t wait to see what kind of magic shows up in my work!

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