In Motion

In Motion

We recently started hanging out in Lafayette Park, located across from the White House. I’m not sure why we haven’t spent much time there before. It is straight down H Street, just ten blocks away.

The park is large, features two fountains with ducks, has a nice view of the Washington Monument, and a wide range of tree species. So there are lots of different leaves to collect this fall. It is one of the few parks where I don’t spend too much time worrying that Lucy will run in the street.

While there are a limited number of automobiles on the closed street, we are incredibly secure. I had no idea how secure until I spoke to a security guard.

He was fairly chatty and enjoyed watching Lucy run around. He asked if she was our future president. I said I hope so and quickly corrected myself to I hope not. I wouldn’t wish that job on anyone.

Later we saw him on our way towards the Renwick Gallery. At that point, Lucy was running her hand along the wrought iron fence. She tried to head into a small gated doorway. He said, “The alarms are going off. She set the motion detectors off. All eyes are on you. I’m sure everyone is talking about how cute she is.” Happy to provide a little midday entertainment.

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