In Honor of Epiphany

Visiting Victor on Epiphany

We celebrated Epiphany today with a visit to Victor. We loaded the Fit up with Three Wise Women and a delightful baby as we headed of to Burke, Va. Actually the holiday just happened to coincide with our visit. But it was a nice surprise since Victor had previously given me a copy of The Other Wise Man.

Visiting Victor on Epiphany

After showing Lucy one of Sallie’s Santas, Victor pulled out another surprise – the crazy train in the video above. His youngest grandchild is now 12, so Victor played Santa today. (Perhaps a Russian Santa, since it is their Christmas Eve?) He certainly looks like the soft Santa above. Perhaps he was Sallie’s model?

Visiting Victor on Epiphany

We left with Crazy Train in tow. It is Lucy’s first train and she was quite excited. She even laid down on the floor to watch it spin around the tracks.

After playing the train, Lucy handed Victor one of her favorite books,Goodnight Moon 123. This is a bilingual board book where you can count items found in the Goodnight Moon room. Once Lucy discovered that the little bunny gets out of the bed to look at the pictures, she was in love.

My dad has had several people read bedtime stories to Lucy on video. I hope to post them all online in the coming weeks. I know that he will be pleased.

Thank you for the Crazy Train, Victor. As always, we greatly enjoyed our visit.

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