In a Sweat

In a Sweat by carolinearmijo
In a Sweat, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

I somehow managed to calm Oliver down after a screaming fit during this afternoon’s errands. I had to drop off my car for repair work. A tree limb fell on it in February and I kept thinking I would have a week to send it to the shop once the baby came. That week came three months later and Oliver did not enjoy the drop off one single bit.

Once I handed over the keys, I hopped in the back seat with him. Not only was he screaming, he was sweating. There were little beads of sweat all over the bridge of his nose. His hair was in would-be ringlets and the car seat is totally soaked behind his head. It is visible in this picture.

I finally calmed him down by singing faux beach hits of Lucy’s that were playing on the radio. It finally worked. Hallelujah!

After no sleep yesterday and this kind of hysteria, Oliver is knocked out. I must take advantage now.

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