In a Perfect World: Peace


This is a simple oil painting, which I presented for Week Two of my Advent Art series.

I will admit it was a total pass, by, or whatever the sports term is that you use for such an occasion. I created this painting while living in Chapel Hill after I bought a bunch of oil crayons from The Scrap Exchange. I had no experience with oil painting and all of the goo was fun. But I wasn’t prepared for how long it would take for the painting to dry. That was back in the days when I was dreaming for a studio space. I think that I had to take them to mom’s attic to dry over a few months.


I actually intended to adapt a piece that I created in undergrad. It is a large quilt made out of a children’s book, newspaper, burlap and paper grocery bags. I think that Debra might remember this piece. And Shannon, since I created it for a while in the midst of our living room. I want to add something to it. I have an idea. And I totally planned and even started working on it before Thanksgiving. But on a day that I began thinking about my remaining four projects in their original, complicated state, I saw this painting on the shelf in Leah’s office. And it took it as a gift to myself. Peace. Perfect.


I still plan to create the original plan for the quilt in the early new year. To me, the painting doesn’t fit in my theme of book arts related pieces. But it does fit perfectly on the space that has been created for my display. Quite honestly, the quilt would be too large and unmanageable.


DSC_0020 IMG_0078 DSC_0055 Let Heaven and Nature Sing DSC_0059 DSC_0248

Peace is the second piece I presented for In a Perfect World, a series celebrating the 2010 Advent Season. These are the six words for which I created work: Justice, Peace, Wholeness, Salvation, Grace, and Gratitude.

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