I’ll have a shake with that burger!

I'll have a shake with that burger!

We finally left the allergist’s office after a near melt-down. It took sooo long. We left home around 1 and there around 4, missing our nap in between. So there were some pretty challenging moments. But it was worth the battle. Guess what’s for dinner? Shall I count the days I have been dairy-free? Well, no longer. She is not allergic to dairy nor beef. After all that. Hmm… Tonight we are going out for a burger, fries and a shake. I’m guessing this also means I am at the lowest weight ever right now. Oh well… I knew it was temporary. But we are still cutting out the egg. She is allergic to egg and will likely grow out of it in the next few years. My current plan is to introduce her to dairy by giving her yogurt. Plus I’m going to reintroduce dairy into my diet. Then I’ll email the doctor from there. I kept asking what I could give her because I want to wean her. She confirmed that we are starting with the yogurt. So… No magic answers yet, but close, very close. We have cut way back on our feedings, but my weaning deadline for this upcoming weekend is out the window. I accepted that several weeks ago. It felt like forever waiting for today to arrive. Now I am trying to decide what will be my very first dairy. Looks like it will be a marshmallow milkshake from Spike’s Good Stuff Eatery. I hope they are open. But I can be swayed.

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  1. Nicola

    Yay! ENJOY!!!

  2. Caroline

    We ended up at Matchbox. The shakes had eggs in them. So I decided it wasn’t worth the trip. We did get some ice cream at Pitango afterwards. Lucy loved it.

  3. jennifer

    that looks like a long day! we have to go the dairy-o when you get home!

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