I wanted to stand up and clap after this song

I was pretty obsessed with the first season of HBO’s “Flight of the Conchords” until the last few episodes began to dwindle. It was like they would write shows around their songs and by the end of the season, there weren’t any more songs. In fact, Jemaine and Bret even said as much in a recent interview/promo we watched on HBO. So I was a little reluctant when Season Two rolled around.

But I must admit that Season Two keeps getting better and better. Proof being last night’s Episode 5 with this being my favorite song. I do still love Sello Tape, which I claimed could be my personal theme song in July 2007. But this song, “Carol Brown,” could slightly edge it out if I put aside my love for paper and just judge the song. The episode was also directed by Michel Gondry, who is best-known for his music videos for White Stripes and Bjork and his movies “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and one of my personal favorites, “The Science of Sleep.”

We had a great time with Shannon and Will catching up on previous episodes while switching back and forth to the UNC vs. Miami game. Good thing we won. We weren’t fully paying attention.

Happy President’s Day!

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