I heart illustrators

Henry claims that I married him just because he can draw. I must admit that I do distinctly remember sitting in the office chair in his bedroom thinking, I have met my illustrator. His hidden talent made quite an impression during his clerkship year. He has been called upon to draw several different illustrations of the ’05-’06 staff that make my heart flutter. For some reason it is hard for me to persuade him to draw for me. So I collect all of his drawings regardless of what they are on and file them away. I have even threatened him not to erase the Team 103 drawing from the blackboard-painted column in our new apartment.

My drawing envy has encouraged me to draw more frequently than I probably would otherwise. And Henry has helped advise me on many occassions on how to create a more difficult hairline. I drew the little bird for the MerriMail logo and even painted the various gift cards that we have for free on the MerriMail web site.

So when it was time to vote for one of design*sponge’s finalists for the d*s scholarship, it was an easy choice. I love Emily Dove Gross’ work. Take a few minutes to explore her amazing illustrations. Quite simply, I love their childlike quality and dreamy content. The colors are gorgeous. Great job, Emily.

I can’t wait to read books illustrated by Emily to my kids one day. And tack up all of the pictures I imagine Henry drawing for them, as well.

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  1. alyson.

    isn’t her work fabulous! I’m glad to know other people are loving her too. I love that Arcade Fire poster.

  2. Caroline Armijo

    I love the Arcade Fire Poster, too.

    Your stuff is great, as well. Where do you sale your t-shirts?

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