I {heart} Amy Sillman

This morning we were pretty late in going out on our walk. So as I sat in my favorite shady spot checking my email, I decided if I wait only a couple of minutes more the Hirshhorn would be open!

Last weekend, we went to the Hirshhorn and I was amazed by Amy Sillman’s ink paintings of couples as part of her exhibit called “Third Person Singular.” I am always interested in anything remotely close to Chinese Brush Painting. After recreating compositions of plants and animals for the last nine months, I totally crave any modern application of ink.

I later went home to Google her and just seeing more of her amazing abstract oil paintings made me want to paint. I am a new fan and had to spend more time with her works.

This morning, I studied her oil paintings a little more closely. I also took advantage of the two leather swivel chairs facing her dozen or so ink paintings. I read an interview with Amy Sillman published in the exhibit catalog. Then I secretly took this picture with my iPhone. I guess it’s not really a secret anymore.

Be sure to check out the podcast interview with Amy Sillman, as well.

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