Humidity as an Adhesive

Humidity as an Adhesive

I managed to work exactly three hours in my studio tonight. Since I don’t have any furniture, I mainly shuffled things around and unpacked boxes. I finally came to the point to measure out my elfa shelving.

I found this ribbon on the floor and thought it might help me determine where the desk should end. I used my finger to hold it up. I later took it away fully expecting it to drop. But it didn’t!

It is hot in there! Whew! I almost got nauseous from the heat. I know that I’m a wimp. I have a friend with no ac. I have no idea how she manages, especially being in a row manages.

I’m hoping the weather will cool off soon. But I don’t plan to wait for the season to change to complete my studio. I need to get ready for the Pyramid Atlantic show in November. That might have been what actually made me nauseous.

It’s nice not sharing a studio with Lucy. Although she has been in art camp at the Sawtooth Center all week. I fully expect that she will want to paint all of the time now and demand her own space in the studio.

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