Hosting Our First Easter Egg Hunt


As some of you may know, Lucy insists on hearing lots of stories before she’ll fall asleep. She is pretty demanding about it – she will give the storyteller a cast of characters, a situation, and tell them to get on with it. So most nights Henry is laying on her bedroom floor reading his Twitter feed on his iPhone in the dark while making up a story about a little girl named Lucy who invites her friends Yes Virginia (from the Macy’s version of Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus), Jane and Michael Banks (from Mary Poppins), and Dorothy to her house to do puzzles.

All this week, the story has to be about Lily, Connor, and Cama coming over to Lucy’s house for an easter egg hunt, which is what we all did at the new house during our first family gathering there on Saturday. It obviously made a big impression. She even has to hear the part about how Connor helps little Lucy find her eggs.

Connor is a great helper

Cama: “There are too many bushes at this house”

Help me Daddy!

A full basket

Buy a house, get three bird houses free (the fence needs some work)

My magnificent old Pin Oak (the subject of a future post)

Upstairs counting (and eating) up the candy

Too much chocolate

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