Hello Thirteen Weeks

Lucy welcomes another Thursday and another weekly birthday. Although
tomorrow is the big three months. I will add some more pictures
tomorrow to help chart her growth.

Lucy is trying to find her thumb. I’ve even tried to help her, but I
guess it’s something she has to learn on her own. Sometimes when she’s
really tired and restless, she keeps spitting out her pacy and you
have to keep putting it in. This drives me nuts, especially when I try
to catch a couple of extra winks with her, like this morning.

Lucy has also started hitting her toys on her bouncy seat. But I think
this is an accident. They don’t seem to entertain her. She does love
to talk, especially when I have someone on speaker phone to prompt
her. And she will sing along with you. She is the most vocal on her
changing pad in the closet, which is her favorite place. Maybe it’s
because of the mirror or because you are so close to her or because
you can’t leave her there.

Last week I updated my phone and noticed new voice memos. We have
started making little memos for what we did that day. My dad wrote a
daily diary for both of us when we were little. Alex’s usually
included an entry with something like Caroline bit Heather today. I
have only written in her journal a handful of times. Maybe I can catch
up this weekend when Grandma is here.

As for today, I’ve already made my list for the farmer’s market, which
is how we typically celebrate her weekly birthday. This is our first
trip with a list. Leah will be pleased. We will probably also hit the
library, studio and grocery store before her grandparents arrive
tomorrow. Sounds ambitious.

Next week, we are off to Chicago for the weekend. For both business
and pleasure. So this week will be all about planning for our first
flight as a family.

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