HBO’s Children’s Garden of Poetry

I am always searching for something that Lucy enjoys that doesn’t drive me nuts. I tend to stay away from most kids’ series. We have a select few, which have become favorites. We frequently watch them on On Demand. I have been consistently happy with HBO’s original offerings for children’s programing. The children are thoughtful and seem to be respected by the filmmakers. Plus the topics are interesting.

I was delighted to discover HBO’s Children’s Garden of Poetry. Right now an 8-year-old is describing a haiku as part of this half-hour documentary. Robert DeNiro has already read Robert Frost’s Road Not Taken and E.E. Cummings read Sweet Spring Is Your. Each poem has its own illustrative style; some even include the text. Aside from the poems and interviews, there are also classroom scenes. Point blank, it is an excellent documentary and a great way to reinforce the beauty of poetry.

If you don’t have HBO, you can access the poems with this Poetry Booklet download. I plan to print it out on card stock and download it to our iPad. I hope that it will become a favorite resource to frequently enjoy.

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