Happy Negative One Week Birthday

Lucy is two weeks old today. Plus we have one more week until my due
date. The big news is that she is back up to her birth weight of 6 lbs
6 oz, according to the scale we are renting from the breastfeeding

We dressed Lucy up for her visit with Shannon and Will. We have very
few clothes that she can actually wear. And finding those few items is
another challenge in itself.

I had washed two large loads of hand me downs two weeks ago Wednesday.
But I left those in the dryer with the intent to fold them and put
them away based on size around the same time I was pushing away. I’m
pretty certain I have a few long sleeve t-shirts perfect to wear with
her sleep blanket, but I have no idea where they are.

When I received these little pants immediately followed by a
prediction of an eight pound baby, I thought my baby would never wear
these little pants. But as you can see, the crotch of her pants are
about the same length of her long, skinny legs.

I don’t think that she minds hanging out in the nude most of the time.
She is a little hot box. This baby snuggles up on you and you are in a
sweat. Plus we need a lot of skin-on-skin contact to bring in the
milk. And there can be three diaper changes in a row, which usually
happens right in the middle of a feeding. I also think the giant neck
holes sort of make her look teenier than if she is just wrapped in a

This evening’s celebration includes a bath before tomorrow’s two-week
doctor’s appointment and the National Spelling Bee, which is being
held only four blocks away.

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  1. carolinagirl

    I know I keep saying it, but Lucy is just beautiful!!!

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