Happy Birthday, Cama!

Cama turns one today!

When I last visited home, Lily and Connor went up to the playroom to play. I checked in to see what they were up to and found a couple of my very favorite books pulled out on the floor. One was Baby’s First Birthday, a Little Golden Book illustrated by Eloise Wilkin. At least I think that was the title. I can’t remember for sure what it is and the Internet doesn’t seem to know either.

Heather and I both agreed that we loved that book. I definitely did. I remember so many details of the illustrations, which I studied over and over again as a child. The back cover was missing. And I had written my name all over the interior cover multiple times. This book definitely wouldn’t qualify as in good condition. Let’s just call it a little more than gently loved. But it is not for sale.

Funny how I always seem to find something pertinent whenever I go home. It is like the time I found an essay on Mother’s Day, which I wrote in Karen’s class, during a Mother’s Day family celebration. It brought both Mom and Karen to tears when I read it out loud. I also found another short piece about how the most important things to me where friends and family during a Thanksgiving celebration. And this weekend, just weeks away from Cama’s first birthday, this sweet little illustration right at my feet. I guess my house knows just what I need.

I thought it was perfect timing as Cama and Lilly just spent the night together at Grandma’s. I loved spending the night with my cousins, Heather and Eris, more than anything in the world. What a treat! So when I see the picture above, I also see Lilly and Cama, who are the same ages as the little girls in the illustration above. And I am certain that Lilly will be right next to Cama as she blows out her first candle!

Happy Birthday, Cama! I am celebrating from a far… We are off to the Pacific Northwest for vacation. I will send updates from Seattle, Portland and Vancouver.

Plus, a special happy birthday wish to Grain Edit, my favorite design blog, which features work from the 50s – 70s. Enjoy more great illustrations here.

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