haiku update

There has been a lot of buzz about the first week of the haiku contest, aka Club 575. I am very impressed with everyone’s haikus. Last night during a conversation between Henry and Brendan about the contest, they commented that it was only Wednesday with over 20 entries, so far. Brendan challenged Henry to write a haiku analyzing each haiku. That is a little much.

I just wanted to dispel any rumors that I deleted a haiku because it was over the top. The author did that on his own. Sorry… not that much excitement.

Plus, feel free to send me your thoughts on future topics. I have a list that I am compiling in one of my notebooks. But maybe it would be better started here.

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  1. Henry

    Club 575 is a great success all around.
    Ike just composed this poem in honor of the contest:

    Friendship Gate haiku
    contest takes DC by storm
    write your entry now

  2. Caroline Armijo

    Love the haiku… I forgot to mention the deadline: Sunday at noon!

    The next topic will be posted sometime between Sunday and Monday morning.

    I am still not sure when the winning entry will be revealed.

  3. John Taylor

    Armijo friends write
    clever verses on Starbucks,
    but JT should win.

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