Guess the Arrival


My family hosted a Sprinkle for me a few weeks ago. It was a wonderful incentive to get my house ready for guests, plus invite my friends and family to visit my new house. Many had not been here before.

One of my intended blog posts since Christmas was about my present from Alex – a giant chalkboard! Do you know how hard these are to find? This one is a perfect fit between the two windows in my kitchen. Plus it enlivens a previously white space. And I depend on it to organize our week and to do list.


For the Sprinkle, I planned to draw a calendar on the chalkboard. But I ran out of time. I literally put together a mobile for the crib while my cousins were chatting in the nursery. This pregnancy I have been working up to the very last minute on EVERY deadline. I hope that is not the case with the delivery. Since I have so many more things to do, I am suddenly feeling like this baby is NOT coming on Monday but maybe a little later on. Well, I hope a lot later on! Just in case, I have a reminder list in my phone titled the Final List. That is our focus for the weekend. Fingers crossed my web sites will be finished before then.

So here are the guesses. I managed to capture them before Trudy added her own guesstimate during our play date the next day.

Guess The Arrival

These are the final results. On the top left column, I added a little info for the guests. The due date is May 13th; Lucy’s birthday is May 14th; and, Lucy arrived three weeks early, which is April 22nd, or MONDAY! Yikes. Now that I look at the following guesses, I have not missed anyone’s date yet.

Guess The Arrival

Guess The Arrival

These are the guesstimates in order:

April 21st, my cousin Ben’s birthday – Jennifer
April 24th, Henry’s birthday – No one guessed this date, but I’m throwing it in.
April 25th, the full moon – Paula
April 29th – Shelby
April 30th – Grams, aka my mom
May 1st – Laura
May 2nd – Donna
May 4th – Eris
May 6th – Sarah (Is this Eric’s birthday?)
May 9th, my dad and Cheryl’s birthday – Karen and Jill [The winner with two votes!]
May 10th – Emily
May 15th – Sherry
May 16th – Linda (Is this John’s birthday?)

I have picked up a Blum’s Almanac since the shower, but that will have to be a separate post.

So what is your guess?

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