Going Home

Since Meredith shared her baby’s possible going home outfit, I thought I would share mine, too. We did after all, contact each other simultaneously tonight. Strange…

The above outfit may look a little worn. I also wore this home thirty-five years ago. Plus, I dressed my Cabbage Patch premie doll in it. And needless to say, played with it like no tomorrow. Imagine my shock when I went home to discover the forgotten-named Cabbage Patch doll nude in her bed. It took me quite a bit of searching to find this treasure, which was tucked away with all of my memories (and trash) from high school. Fortunately the ink marks and dirty stains washed away. The lace is a little yellowed and mom’s repair to the button latch didn’t hold. Maybe the unbuttoned top will make it a little easier to remove the outfit after we make it home.

But I don’t have a matching hat. Do I really need a hat? I guess so. I have no idea. I will have to look through what I have to see if any of my current accessories will work. If she is swaddled up tight enough, won’t she be warm?

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  1. Being Shrimanker

    Very cute! No, you don’t need a hat, I just have an obession buying baby hats, my mom even commented on it yesterday.

  2. Sarah

    I’m with Meredith… no need for a hat, but they are just so cute!

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