Gabe vs. Food

This weekend we witnessed Gabe attempt to take on Man. vs. Food. While watching an episode in which Adam Richman was trying to eat a five pound burger, Gabe claimed that he could do that. Rocky promptly took up the challenge and Gabe vs. Food was planned.

Instead of a five pound burger, Rocky ordered 20 Whopper Juniors from Burger King at 5th & G. We thought that it was going to be 20 Quarter Pounders. But I broke out my postage meter to weigh exactly how much Gabe was consuming. Five ounces. Gabe was adding barbeque sauce to each sandwich. He claimed it was okay because there was no mayo. But he did have cheese. Ughhh… And a Pepsi Zero, double ugh. Has he not watched the Black Widow eating the hot dogs?

In the end, Gabe made it through 13 burgers in one hour and twenty-six minutes. And he didn’t throw up. Gross. I am much more looking forward to the Spanish Off between Henry, Carlos and Samoan. Let’s set the date, fellas.

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