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So what does this picture say about LA?

Tonight is the reunion special of Project Runway. I have been obsessed with this show this season, just like last. However this time I have dreamt about the show at least twice. Once I was creating a paper sculpture out of all white paper, not unlike larger versions of my pop-up creations. In the second dream, I was holding a blue dress pinned to a dress form, but I could not find my glasses.

This season was filled with drama of missing chiffon, dress forms, and patterns. So it was not a huge leap to find myself hanging on my unfinished creation screaming for someone to help me find my glasses in my dream. Furthermore, I have worn glasses since the first grade. There were many times when I asked my family, roommates or Henry to help me find my glasses. That night before bed, Henry took my glasses off my face and placed them on his bed side table. I was surprised to find that I could not see all night!

After I lost contact without the outside world because of a miscommunication with Comcast, I decided to revisit my dream journal. I added a recent dream about Martha Stewart and then read back through my journal. I attempted to analyze my previous dreams using the worksheet on the left side of the page. I think that it really worked. All of a sudden I realized that my creation I have been searching for is right in front of me on the dress form. I just need to put my glasses on and finish the details.

So I sat there and thought about what my glasses could be metaphorically. I tried squinting, which is what I have seen Isaac Mizrahi do on his show while trying to envision an unfinished design. Then I realized that maybe my glasses are my journals. I write three pages every morning, a habit that I picked up from The Artist’s Way several years ago. So I sat and wrote, dreaming up ideas of fabulous workshops all over the country. The ideas flowed so naturally, all making perfect sense. Plus my ideas tie into my thesis. So now what, Henry asked? I just have to figure out how to finish the hem and sew in the zipper.

If you have to miss tonight’s reunion episode, catch it tomorrow night at 6 pm on Bravo.

P.S. Last week, I peeked at Kara’s creations for her Fashion Week runway show and they are so much more interesting than anything she has done all season. Where was she? Did the pressure of the show make her lose her creative identity? I need to look into Tim Gunn’s blog to see what he has to say about it. I just realized that he has a podcast! And Daniel Franco has a vlog!

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