future studio space?

Wow! Look at these amazing shipping containers that have been transformed into various new building projects. They are quite inspiring. I believe that there are several rusted out versions on the land behind my parent’s home. Maybe Elwin will let me stack them, paint each a different color and add a few circle windows.

I first saw these on Fine Living’s The Insider’s List With Julie Moran, which is featuring prefab homes. With so many shipping containers available in the US, what a great way to recycle materials and make more spaces for creating art. I did a simple search for “shipping container studios, London” and found Container City. Spend some time browsing around and dreaming up your new second home or community center. It makes you take a second look at that plot of empty land.

Not ready to live, work or play in a shipping container? Fine Living has included a list of the featured prefab homes here.

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