Fourth of July in Annapolis

For the Fourth, we decided to avoid the crowds here in DC and head east on Highway 50 to Annapolis. Dad really wanted to make it in time for a naturalization ceremony at the Historic Annapolis Foundation, but after a 5:00 wakeup call from Little Bear that morning, we were only able to arrive in time for a late lunch.

Two of Henry’s true loves are oysters and beer, so that has to be a big part of any trip to a coastal town. (Our plan in Portland in fall ’09 was to drink craft beers and eat native oysters, but Lucy’s announced arrival the week we were leaving put a serious dent in that part of the trip, at least for me.) We asked a few police officers on Main Street for advice, and they directed us to Buddy’s Crabs and Ribs. More people were definitely there for the steamed crab buckets, but we didn’t think it was a good idea to have a crab hammer within Lucy’s reach.


bring on the ersters

After lunch, we made our way along the pier to the US Naval Academy. It’s a beautiful campus. They had some great views and lots of wide open spaces for Lucy to have walking practice.


We then made our way to St. Anne’s Parish on Church Circle for the Fourth of July parade. It was a great family vibe, with lots of other toddlers (L toddles now, so I think it’s OK to call her that) waiting for candy from the fire trucks and state office candidates. Lucy had a terrific time, though she wasn’t too sure what to make of the snare drums from such close distance, and I was a little worried that the racket would aggravate her recently-departed ear infection. As you’ll see, she may prefer talking to blond little boys than waving at parade marchers.







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  1. I have been following your blog since it was posted on Strollerswap. I live in the Annapolis area, next time try McGarvey’s much better food! I hope you enjoyed Annapolis. I enjoy your blog.

  2. Caroline (Author)

    Thank you for commenting, Michelle!

    I wish that we had known about McGarvey’s in advance. I was a little surprised when Henry asked the police officers. He had researched our trip, so I thought he had a place in mind. It was good, but I would love to explore some more food options.

    I never realized how close Annapolis is! We will definitely be back.

  3. Next time you head out this way give me a shout. I have my grandson with me during the week and he is not much younger than Lucy.
    .-= MichelleĀ“s last blog ..358-365 =-.

  4. Caroline (Author)

    Sounds fun! She would love that. Maybe once it gets a little cooler.

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