five years of wedded bliss

Today is our five year anniversary. This photo was taken by our photographer Chris English as we were racing out of the church. Don’t we look ecstatic?

This morning on my walk, I was thinking about how much cooler it is here today than it was five years ago. It was extremely humid. A storm finally rolled during the dancing and we moved the party inside to my parent’s den. We had a great wedding and an even better five years. I still appreciate all of the generosity from our friends and family for our special day. It’s great to continue to feel your support even now.

And, of course, being married to Henry is the best. He is not very excited about me making him a public persona with my blog and web site. But I think that he secretly enjoys it. I think that we work well together. You know, a marriage isn’t just about love. You are also business partners. And, I love hanging out with him. We have a lot of similar interests and enough varying hobbies to give each other space. He is my best friend and I love him dearly. Plus, I think that my mom is a little jealous that he cooks for me. But I always say that I can’t stop him from practicing his favorite creative outlet. I am just a little lucky. (I forgot to include that he is also my blog editor!)

You can see our wedding program as part of an article I wrote for caroline’s fortunehearts :: How to Create a Memorable Wedding Program

Happy Anniversary, Henry! I love you.

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  1. the Rab

    Happy 5th Caroline! (we’re coming up on 9!)

  2. Gonzalo

    Congrats! You should document your first ten years together… check out what I found…

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