First Visit to the Dentist

First Visit to the Dentist

Today was Lucy’s visit to the dentist. Can you see the look of apprehension in her eyes? I have been feeling that same anxiety for years, well extensive months, since she is almost four and has never been to the dentist. Our move,my pregnancy and her starting school delayed that process. So going to the dentist was my top priority for February.

Great news! It was a success. She cried, of course. I was careful not to say “Don’t be scared!” Or give her any reason to be afraid. I told her the doctor has lots of cool tools and she would get to ride in his chair, just like the one she plays in at the Children’s Museum. I told her my favorite things to do at my childhood dentist, which included looking at the fish and reading 101 Dalmatians. I also told her she would probably get a goodie bag of surprises, which was true beyond my expectations.

She was wary of the hygienist brushing her teeth. But when the doctor laid her back, she was in tears. She did not like his hands in her mouth AT ALL. Dr. Miller made a comment that Lucy was unlikely to refer him to her friends at the same time he used his pointer to push on her teeth. I thought, “Oh, no! She has a cavity. I may hyperventilate.” But I did not use the c word and soon learned she had no hint of cavities.

I admitted that we wrestle her down twice a day to brush her teeth. And he commented that it was the worth the struggle. Her teeth looked great! Keep battling on!

He also commended me on her frenectomy, aka having her tongue cut, that I had consented to back in the days of breastfeeding woes. He said that it is never performed enough. The thick skin between her front teeth is a sign there may be an issue holding back her tongue. At the time, the procedure did not result in instant latching, like I hoped. So I’m glad to know it wasn’t all for naught.

We discussed a plan for baby number two to have his tongue cut, if need be. Of course, Henry was not happy about being reminded of that trauma. It was not a favorite memory of mine either, but I’m so glad her dentist was pleased today. And I think Lucy will do a much better job with her second cleaning in six months. And now that we have a dentist, I’ll get the baby in to see Dr. Miller before he reaches his equivalent of reciting the entire script of Xanadu.

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