First Day of First Pres

First Day of First Pres

Lucy went to her first day of summer camp this week. We also submitted the paper work for the fall. She was rather quiet when I picked her up. I tried to find out how her day went. Instead she insisted on going to the Children’s Museum. She didn’t believe when I told her it was closed. Crying ensued and she’s napping now. We are in the car in our garage.

She also told me that she wants to go home to Washington, DC. She misses her friends in DC, especially TyBoy. I need to make sure we can see him when we visit this weekend.

I also need to carefully plan out my days this week. I spent a lot of time in the car during my first free morning and now it looks like I spend more this afternoon. Maybe I’ll finally redo my closet. It took me ten minutes to find my bathing suit yesterday.

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