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On Monday I contacted Jonathan Sousa about updating my blog. I really just needed to do some serious housekeeping, but it was too much for me to handle. Way back when I switched to WordPress, I put it in the wrong place. Since then, I haven’t been able to automatically update and do all of the cool things that you can do with WordPress. In particular, I am now able to create and host multiple web sites more easily!

After asking for some recommendations on Facebook, Philippa pointed me to Jonathan, the creator of her amazing web site for the Pink Line Project. I asked him for a quote. It was right in my mental price range, plus he could do it that afternoon. Yes, please. Let me tell you, it felt so awesome sitting in the bathroom and realizing that someone was working for me right then. I need to hire people more often. I might be dangerous!

By the end of the day, he reported that everything was up. Hooray! I know that I have a few 404’s hidden out there. But they are a quick fix. Mainly it requires that I sit down and look for them. If you run across them, that is why. And I am happy to hear if you find any.

This past weekend, Lucy received a Christmas gift from Jed and Macon via Alex. (I still need to deliver theirs.) It was the Max and Ruby book Ruby’s Beauty Shop. We each read it to her a few times. One of the scenes includes an imaginary call to the White House. Since Lafayette Square is one of our favorite places, I was able to point out the White House to Lucy and talk about the Obamas calling.

That night I had a long, crazy dream. The part that I remembered the most vividly was a scene with the Obamas. I was riding in a big black SUV with a tan interior. We were getting out of the car and I meticulously put my lipstick on my eyebrows. They were covered perfectly. I am giving credit to Max and Ruby for that visual. But Sherri texted me the same day saying that she dreamed that I was having a wedding with $50,000 plate meal and refused to get someone to fix my hair. So… I told her that I was either in need of a makeover or in the midst of one. We agreed that I am in the midst of one. And my web site is in need of one.

But I don’t quite have the energy to overhaul my web site just yet. But hopefully it will happen this spring. I feel so far away from my art lately. But I feel even more involved in the idea of play. I am hoping that I can figure out how to make the two mesh, since I see them being interconnected. I have a tendency to work best under pressure. So maybe I will surprise myself and make big changes in the midst of an upcoming busy period.

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