fiesta con la abuela y dos hermanas

I love this video with Henry and his father’s family in Benatae, which is located in Southern Spain. I know that he was wondering why I was making a video at the time, but I knew that I could never recapture this experience in any form of words. We were sitting outside his 103-year-old grandmother’s house sipping a homemade liqueur made by his Tia Serafina. As you can see, the band from the fiesta was quite loud. We had a perfect view from the back of the stage. Bands rotated through the night until approximately 6 in the morning, when the crowd paraded around town before finally going to bed. We were sure to leave town after dinner the next night when we heard the bands warming up with heavy metal guitar riffs.

Te queremos mucho abuela – Quique y Carolina

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  1. Will

    Hi Caroline

    That was a wonderful BLOG and thank you for shairing with us. I’m glade that your back at the states and to church. Looking forward in more about the trip over sea.

    You’re Friend

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