Fiddlesticks by carolinearmijo
Fiddlesticks, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

So far, I have completed my list both days. Last night I did one round of Tai Chi just to say I did it, but tonight I actually focused on all three sets. And I think I’m most mindful of my water, which I have been neglecting in the last month or so.

I have given the most liberal application to art on my list. I’m going with anything creative. And after today’s project, you’ll see I mean anything.

Yesterday’s art project was inspired by Eris. She displayed elements from her award winning installation in her living room, including old metal from the bridge in Elkin.

Last month when I visited Mom, I noticed a large pile of gathered sticks that she wanted taken away. They were a silvery color covered with lichen. I started thinking about how I wanted to use them to decorate for Christmas.

On Saturday, I dropped Mom off and loaded my floorboard with sticks. I loved that they reminded me of reindeer antlers on the tips. The shiny bark almost looks like it has been painted. I think Dad said they are from sumac trees, which probably means they are poisonous. Lovely. We definitely will not burn the branches. And they won’t be used for teething relief either. UPDATE: It is NOT the poisonous kind of Sumac.

Alex and I used to wait for the bus under these trees. It feels like that long ago since I walked around in the bed. But it definitely brought back memories as I poked around searching for more branches.

We had mixed reactions at home. Henry said it was a scary monster attacking him. Lucy was concerned that Santa would not be able to use the fireplace. But otherwise she said it was cool. I would still like one more larger stick with lichen on top because I love the beautiful colors. It reminded me of some old fabric from Lois’ sale that matches the mossy decoration. I plan to use it as the skirt for our Christmas tree. I finally have a use for it nine years later!

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