February MFG

Our February Merritt Family Gathering was a great success! Cousins were reunited for the first time in seven years. And considering that Lucy is seven, it was her first chance to get to know the girls featured on the Christmas cards.  We loved it! We all wish that Ohio was not quite so far away. 

Picture time for the sisters. 

The next generation is ready for their turn! 

Oliver loves being silly! Watch him in the act! 

Did you know the Memories section of your iPhoto will automatically make these videos for you? Love. I’m all about ease.

Start your own Monthly Family Gathering! It’s worth the minimal effort. Here’s a to do list for you. 

  1. Pick a day of the month, like the fourth Saturday. 
  2. Brainstorm a restaurant for each place at one time. You can always switch later. 
  3. Send an Evite to invite everyone. I’m planning on setting up a Google Group to minimize selecting emails on the Evite to one. 
  4. Show up. 
  5. Eat. 
  6. Repeat Steps 3-5. Ideally, send the next month’s Evite before you leave the restaurant or time will slip away from you. 
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