fabulous favors

The issue has finally hit the news stands! I received an email this morning from someone interested in ordering a custom cootie catcher pdf. She is getting married in Germany and thought it might be a fun way to introduce a few phrases to her guests in both English and German. Brilliant! I love the idea. By the way, she told me, “I found you in the latest issue of Brides Magazine.”

I have been waiting since being first contacted by Brides in January. So it was exciting to discover that the issue was already in the stores. I ran out to our local CVS to see if I could find it. But the 7th Street store is a bit of a disaster. So I went home, ate lunch and then hiked a little farther over to Barnes & Noble. I was so tempted to tell the lady reading a magazine next to me, but I refrained. Quite exciting.

Click here for a close-up! And, please, tell everyone.

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  1. Shannon Reavis

    Congratulations, Caroline!

    Though you’re now responsibly reducing, reusing, and recycling, that all that sinful construction paper at UNC is paying off…

  2. Caroline Armijo

    I just sold that construction paper last summer at a yard sale for $3. It was the only purged item from our move that made me a little nauseous.

  3. the Rab

    go caroline! you’re set to blow up now!

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