Even Firetrucks Need Chains

I called my mom soon after the snow started around 1 and told her it was coming down pretty fast. Our road was covered in about an hour. I also told her the snow was making a little noise as it fell. I heard it when I sat out two bowls for snow cream. She told me that she had driven the Jeep today and could make it home on her own. Great. I hope she is safe.

I am in what could be considered a stage of my life known as "naps have gone to hell in a hand basket." I contribute it to all of these five-day weekends that are trying to cripple my sanity. So my nap strategies have sunk to a new low of me laying down in my bed with Oliver. I am just thankful that Henry is here to keep Lucy away from asking me one million questions and sabotaging Oliver’s sleep even further. Videos and dirty looks only go so far.

During the nap, I heard some clanging outside our window. Certainly they aren’t scraping our street yet. Was there an accident? After a brief siren call, I peeked outside to see if there was an accident. Nope – just a group of firefighters adding chains to their truck. Good luck, guys! Keep warm and stay safe.

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1 Comment

  1. Sarah D.

    Oliver is still too little, but if they stop in front of your house at this time next year, you’ll be out there with them!

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