End of Day Two: Jazz at Tulah’s

Last night we ended the evening with some yummy sushi. On our way back
to the hotel, we walked past a bar with the door barely cracked open.
Just enough to catch our attention. We liked what we heard and decided
to go in. Inside we found at least a dozen men and a woman on bass
performing as part of the Jim Culler Jazz Orchestra.

I don’t always enjoy live music. Don’t get me wrong, I do. But not
always. Especially if I have never heard the music before and can’t
sing along. Sometimes I would rather be making something. Other times,
there is just too much awkwardness with stage banter. It’s funny on
Flight of the Conchords, but who wants the pressure of secondary
embarrasment by experiencing that live?

But I totally got lost in the music and enjoyed myself. I think I have
a new favorite live genre. Maybe it’s because there are so many
members of the band. I can make up stories about their lives. Think
about their practices. Do they pick up the music from somebody’s
office and then practice on their own until gathering a week later?
Plus there are so many people to watch. The pianist, the sax section,
and we couldn’t forget the trombone section.

We stood up to leave at the end of a song. That’s precisely the wrong
time to leave a club. Jim had the mike in his hand and told us that we
shouldn’t leave before the Cole Porter piece featuring the trombone
section. We stopped at the door and decided to stay. It was great.
Definitely worth the wait.

On the way home, I decided maybe part of my love for Big Bands stems
back to one of my childhood favorites -Xanadu. Bet you forgot Gene
Kelly co- starred with Olivia Newton-John. I’ve got to make it to the
Broadway rendition and fast.

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1 Comment

  1. Renee

    If you decide to go to see Xanadu, let me know. I want to go too. Would it be weird to wear roller skates in the audience?

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