embellishing envelopes

I presented some ideas for embellishing envelopes during Paper Source Georgetown’s Paper Wedding on March 4th. Above you will find Elizabeth and Margaret, two of our assistant store managers, in wedding dresses to help celebrate the occasion.

I spent a lot of time playing with the envelopes after they asked me to do the demo. I realized just how much I love envelopes. There are just so many different amazing things that you can do with envelopes. Plus with all of the various available sizes and colors, ideas are essentially limitless.

Below are just a few of the samples that I created. Most of them are still on display at the store. The first three are variations of my paper portfolios, which I will be teaching a workshop on May 7th. Please let me know if you are interested in taking the class or contact the Georgetown Paper Source store.

a paper portfolio

a welcome packet

a combo place card/menu/thank you card

This next example is a set of three number 10 envelopes placed side by side to create a screen. This is a creative way to present a lot of information to your guests. This screen is a great way to show the table number, the couple’s monogram, the wedding date. Cards inserted in the envelopes can include a drink menu, dinner menu, and list of songs or suggested activities.

For more photos from the day, visit my new Flickr account.

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  1. Will

    Hi Caroline

    I really like that store you go to. lately I haven’t been going their because of my Bible Class Monday night, Fellowship supper, special event at First Baptist church on Wednesday night. Last time I was their I remember all the colorful paper, deferent texture of paper with leafs and other tips of item to make the paper more appealing. I us to work on commercial art in high school.

    I not good on the air brush. But the pen’s… WoW!!! All thaws pens from defect size 0.5 -5.0. Pen’s from $2.50 up to $35.00 Rulers from metal to plastic… To a curve… I can go on… From an ideal to a finish protect… I still look back and wish I can more time to work on my art.

    I wood I to see some of your work. A paper is not just a paper… When a good idea turn it a to a beautiful butter fly.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful BLOG
    You’re Friend

  2. marta

    fantastic. am so glad you said hello. i love your ideas and am happy you are one creative envelope gal. i am inspired.

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