Early to Bed + Salty Perks

Gary, Eunice, Abbey and Lily arrived in town this afternoon. So we took our second trip to the Mall in just over a week. I was prepared with a bottle this week, because it is a ZOO down there. If you can wait until the middle of the week, WAIT. A couple of our campers were not too happy with all of the people, which was totally understandable. But we still had a lot of fun. Especially once we got back to their hotel room and the girls were able to hold the baby.

Lily is so excited!

I wonder what Lucy is thinking here.

For dinner, we ordered Chinese take-out. At one point, I put Lucy in her Moses basket. Henry was responsible for watching her. I think that he left her to the two little babysitters. Lucy had a melt down a few minutes later.

I think that she was a good sport and enjoyed watching Abbey eat her dinner. But her feeding and sleeping seems to be a little off. We swaddled her and lights out around 8:15. That is an early night for her. I imagine that she is exhausted.

We celebrated Eunice’s birthday with cupcakes before they returned to the hotel.

I took advantage of the early evening and soaked in a bath of Epsom salts and Burt’s Bees Bubble Bath. I was curious about the benefits of Epsom salts and was quite pleased to read the results.

No wonder I am a tad bit addicted. I have even gotten over the urge of scrubbing the tub before hand. This seems like it is right in my dad’s wheel house. He is into cinnamon and natural remedies to help regulate your body. Add it to your grocery list.

Happy Birthday, Eunice! (Thanks for your great pictures!)

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