Early Christmas Gift

Today was beautiful, so we met Henry for lunch at Wok ‘n Roll before heading to Georgetown. I have been thinking about presents for Lucy. Mostly I have come to the realization that I probably already have too many for her with four toys. I am teetering on the edge of buying a larger gift of a Brightlings Exploration Stationthat I hope will occupy her time. I am not certain if it will, so I have found it for $10 on Craigslist. I am hoping that it is still available. But if not, I think that I may save it for a Valentine’s gift. Maybe by then, I will have a better idea of what it will be like having her mobile.

After spending an extensive amount of time looking at toys for a few other kiddies, I left one toy store empty handed. We made our way to Paper Source to hang out for quite sometime. Good thing I don’t work there anymore. I am a total sucker for their goods and had to cut my purchase in half once Stephanie rang it up. I decided to put away the faux bois note cards, but I could not resist these Martushka Measuring Cups. How cute are they!

Needless to say, I already have Lucy a set of nesting cups and I suspect someone else is getting her a set of stacking cups. Does she need three sets of cups? No, but I couldn’t resist. Besides I have been feeding her out of Mario Batali Measuring Prep Bowl Set. Maybe I can fit a small bottle of food, spoon and bib inside and have a little lunch to go. That is the practical side coming out of me. I got it from my mom. I appreciate this trait now, but I didn’t so much in the third grade.

One year for my birthday, at the height of my love for Strawberry Shortcake, my mom skipped the dolls and bought me a set of eight drinking glasses and a tin trashcan. All adorned with Strawberry Shortcake. Oh how I would have loved a giant strawberry carrying case, like Eris had. But you have to admit we got our use out of these items for many, many years past my doll-toting days. I stored mixed-tapes in the trash can through most of college. And I think that it is still in use in my bedroom at home, maybe. I am not sure about the glasses. They may be hidden away on a top shelf with some of the glasses we picked up from Pizza Hut circa 1980.

So I am trying to be mindful of a balance between fun sweet things and also being practical. I look for gifts that can live with us beyond this current phase. Plus not have three of one type of toy. Clearly on the cups I have failed. But these dolls are legitimate measuring cups. Right? I’m sure I’ll ask my sous chef for a baby bottom of sugar when I am 70.

Since we have returned from Thanksgiving, Lucy has been super cranky. It doesn’t help that we went from seeing lots of people, which this little social butterfly LOVES, to a twelve-hour day with just me. I am boring after a while. And, yes, she does cry with me. I guess a mama sees all sides. I quickly recalled that she is now in another Wonder Weeks phase (Week 26). She is three weeks behind. These spurts always seem to coincide with a big trip! Right when I just want to rest and recover. So if these cups will help her get through this phase a little quicker, I am all for it.

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  1. Sarah

    My Strawberry Shortcake trash can is still in my room at my parents'.

  2. carolinagirl

    Of course you can't have too many stacking cups or stacking dolls!!!! We LOVE them here in Clemmons!

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