Early Christmas Gift

Early Christmas Gift

This afternoon we were busy in Mom’s kitchen when Mom mentioned the Wicked Witch of the West to Lucy. Until that moment, Lucy was playing all over the house. But that one little alliteration sent her looking for a lap. She came to me, but I had a needle in hand making necklaces out of pom-poms that had littered my back seat for the last month.

Mom assured her that she would not be seeing the Wicked Witch. But that was enough for Lucy to lose her steam. She marched upstairs and climbed in her bed. Next thing we knew, she was asleep.

This has NEVER happened in her life. Maybe back in the summer of her birth. Maybe…

While I was working on my craft project, Mom was preoccupied with her nap. Was she really asleep? How did she get in the bed? When did she wake her up? Then she said, “I know one thing. This will be on your blog.”

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