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Since today is the first week day of the New Year, I thought that I would try to do all of my little tasks. I walked with Henry to work. But since it was raining, I cut the walk short. I came home and did the Tae Bo 8-Minute Workout. Then I wrote my morning pages, which I started doing several years ago after reading The Artist’s Way. Then I started my Dream Journal.

Anyone who knows me can confirm that I have CRAZY dreams. So I added two to my new journal this morning – one about my grandmother helping me from the dead, and one in which I was a contestant of Project Runway and I could not see because I could not find my glasses. Henry had actually put them on his bedside table the night before. Who knew that I would be blind all night?

I love journals. In fact, I would say above all else that I am a journaler. I write three pages every morning. I also started a new journal this year with a Moleskin Daily Diary. I am writing down highlights and sketches from the day before I go to bed. I am also in the process of creating a Memorial Journal web site, which I hope to have up by the end of January.

Knock Knock’s Dream Log is perfect. I added my two stories in the record part and started to fill out the reflect section. Amazing what kind of stuff comes up. Plus the format of the journal makes it pretty easy and there is really no pressure to analyze your dreams right then. Leave it until later…

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  1. the Rab

    some would say a blog is a web journal. nice start. i think i’m going to start a dream journal blog, here on blogger. want to be a group member with me? and then we could post them together… sounds like fun.

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