Denial is setting in

I have been working on this little book the last two days, so as not
to lose my creatve habits and folding techniques I acquired at
Penland. But I am struggling a little.

I don’t want to do pretty basic things, like clean and organize my
studio space or burn a cd for a friend. I’m just trying to work on top
of a giant mess. It is not helping me be productive. I thought I could
bust out this little folding exercise pretty quickly. But it looks
like I have to do some serious cleaning in order to finish it.

Jan sent out an email about reality setting in. I responded with a
suggestion for all day teleconferencing while we work. I love what I’m
working on but it is so solitary. I need an art friend here in DC to
share a work space with. I am a very hard worker, pretty nice and only
mildly strange. Jenn describes me as the calmest person she has been
around. I also promise to share tools and techniques.

I’m not sure how this entry turned into a personals/studio ad. But let
me know if you are looking for someone to get crafty with.

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1 Comment

  1. Jess Lynd

    if only…. i’d love to be your studio partner. Though i dont really do art, but i sometimes want someone to stare at while i’m writing!!

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