Day 3: Celtic Advent

November 17

Make a small or tasty something and give it away.

I am far from a Pintestry mom. But I am somewhat obsessed with Trader Joe’s Gingerbread Molasses Cookie Dough that you can break and bake. I have been experimenting with how to create gingerbread men by slicing them into geometric shapes before baking. My first attempt was a success if you are okay with feeding your child three cookies all at once. Today’s attempt was closer to what I was aiming for. Each squatting gingerbread friend is just one cookie or a little less – a quarter for her head and a quarter for her body. Then slice up the rest for arms and legs. Usually these cookies are very soft and can be gooey if baked on a stone. But the arms and legs were much crispier since I had sliced them up.

I shared these cookies with the kids and their friends as a snack on the way home from the library. They are, hands down, my favorite holiday treat, along with TJ’s Spiced Cider. Why would I ever need to make Grandma’s Russian Tea recipe again? Sorry, Grandma!

+ + +
This Advent Season, I am going to attempt to practice Ideas for Living Joyfully: Forty Days of Celtic Advent and the Twelve Days of Christmas 2014 by Susan Forshey. I intend to create all forty posts in advance and then add in pictures from Instagram or thoughts each day as I go along. But if I don’t post anything, it is because life got in the way. Which is fine and expected. You can still read Susan’s suggestions for the day. I don’t want this to become another To Do. I especially love Susan’s directions.

Practice Grace. No need to do them all or every day. Let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart!

I love how gracious Susan is in her description of this project:

For each day, from November 15 until Epiphany, I’ve thought of one thing I can do to practice joy and gratitude, and to give love, putting it on a calendar that draws on ancient Advent and Christmas traditions.

… (more about the three traditions she is drawing from here) …

The ability to give and experience love and joy doesn’t just happen, it needs to be stretched and strengthened. And over time, the capacity to love and to joy increases.

Let the Holy Spirit lead!

Please join along!

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